Some people whinge about taxes but here's what I say..

The government just wastes money?

Do you visualise bureaucrats (pen-pushers) when you think of 'public servant'?  What about teachers, doctors, firemen, bus drivers, prison guards, coastguard...?

The Australian Gov’t has already privatised and outsourced a lot of industries. A lot of money paid in taxes in Australia goes toward private contractors: picking up your garbage, repairing water pipes, building train tracks and bridges, even many social welfare services, and these firms are paid for results.


But look at the Schools Building Programme and the Insulation Scheme

The media would not let go of those 2 %$@! stories because the viewing public loves to have their preconceptions reinforced that the government is hopeless.  Day after day, year after year, the gov’t does a good job of maintaining roads, running schools, hospitals, public transport, law courts & prisons, maintaining sports grounds, responding to natural disasters and so on.  If you think you could do a better job of spending government money, and you're not just saying this out of ignorance, then join the public service. 


Public servants are lazy or incompetent?

If so, I haven’t met any personally.  Individuals from RMS have bent over backwards to help me get data;  every year the ATO makes it easier and easier to pay taxes, with more and more stuff doable online;  any time I meet a public servant socially or professionally they seem to take pride in their work;  and I benefit from well run schools, hospitals, public transport and a low crime society.  If you think public servants/gov't officials are stupid or corrupt, and you live in Australia, then how many do you know personally?

And if you've worked in a large corporation of 100+ employees, ask yourself:  was that organisation so much more efficient than a similar sized government department?

2nd generation dole bludgers?

Maybe you don't mind paying old age/disability/veterans' pensions (actually these consume the majority of social security payments) but you begrudge your taxes going to the dole.   What's the alternative?  Some combination of beggars/muggers/carjackers?   Anyway, western economies are getting less and less able to provide full employment...if you voted against the mining super-profits tax then you have contributed to the "2-speed economy".  Maybe you have a nephew who can't get a job no matter how hard he tries or an uncle who got laid off the Ford engine plant in Geelong.

More jobs are created when money is diverted from the public to the private sector?

Government spending tends to stay within the economy (infrastructure jobs, service sector jobs) more so than private spending (imported products, holidays).   So if you think there are more jobs available when people get to pay less tax, you're 180 degrees wrong.

People who tell you to cheat on your taxes because "everyone is doing it"

In my experience, the people who tell you "everyone is doing it" are the biggest crooks of all.