Daniel Ingvarson's summary

Daniel is an expert in the issues of large scale, signal deployment, all-in-one systems.  In correspondence with Chris Cooper relating to NSW LMBR he has said:

They are built to simplify things for the enterprise not the end users - even though they actually really believe its in everyone's best interest.

The basic issue is dependencies and the risks that those create. This is why your issue is partly a SIF issue.

The risk managers of these systems believe that there is more uncertainty in the integrations than the costs and restrictions of the enterprise approach. This is because there are not the examples in Australia and past experience is that that its just to hard to herd all the small vendors to agree on doing things one way that addresses the risks of a devolved model.  In order for these enterprise architects with accountability for security, scalability, accountability, and robustness as their key deliverable (not end user features) to engage with a devolved model that model must meet those requirements.

As you yourself know trying to convince a small vendors that its in their interests to spend the extra money to put up a model that  caters for these (security, auditibility, scaling, and robustness)